Florida is one of the most hurricane vulnerable areas in the U.S. Recent hurricanes have demonstrated that a lot of vessel owners lack the knowledge and do not have a plan in place to properly prepare their vessels for an approaching storm. About 25 percent of hurricane fatalities result from boaters trying to secure their vessels in worsening storm conditions.

What we will do before the storm:

Remove all exterior canvas.

Remove all exterior cushions.

Remove all possible flying objects and loose furniture and store them below.

Lower the exposed radio antennas in case of power boats.

Secure all hatches and doors.

Secure existing docking lines and add heavier lines as needed.

Remove or securely cover all electronics as needed.

Add large storm grade fenders if needed (counting customer has it in the boat).

Disconnect the shore power cord and reconnect it after the storm (optional, depending on storm).

Inspect and make sure all bilge pumps are fully operational.

Secure all items inside the cabin.

Take pictures once the boat has been properly secured to assist customer in case of a claim.

What we will do after the storm:

Inspect the boat and in case of any damage notify the customer immediately. We will take care of the situation of the boat at that moment. Pictures of damages (if any) are taken before the boat is moved.

We will make sure the vessel has power. If not, we proceed to start the generator depending on the damages of the storm for a period of 4-6 hours.

We will re-install canvas and place cushions back. We will make sure to return your vessel to its original state.

Two Docks Marine has developed a plan to help protect boat owners from hurricanes. We can plan and prepare all this for you, following precautionary suggestions from officials.

We strongly recommend that your vessel is full of fuel and the tanks are full of water. Also, we encourage the boat owners to collect all the records you will normally need in your boat and place them in a waterproof container. Keeping an updated inventory list of the items in the boat is a safe practice.

The hurricane preparation plan detailed herein is a yearly one-time fee service. The season covers from June 1st to November 30th. This fee must be paid in full no later than June 1st. This fee is not refundable and we will cover up to 4 named storms. If there are more than 4 storms, we will charge additional per event at owner’s request. Boat owner MUST have the boat properly insured and proof of insurance may be required before Two Docks Marine renders any service detailed herein.

The boat owner must be aware that this hurricane plan is only a preventive step to help avoid possible damages to the vessel. We clearly state that we will not guarantee that any hurricane-related conditions will not cause any damage to the vessel. Two Docks Marine shall not be liable or responsible for any damage caused by surge, wind, waves, rainfall or tornadoes to your vessel.