We will set up a monthly or weekly plan where we handle a few things on a regular schedule or it can be more comprehensive plan tailored to your requirements.

Wash treatment

Turn on engine for 15-30 minutes

Fill water tank with fresh water

Remove barnacles and algae from the bottom of the vessel

We check the following:


Oil in engine

Fresh water in engine

The bilge pump

The generator

Strainer in the generator

Strainer in the engine

AC unit


If your boat or vessel needs a new facelift, we are proud to set the difference among other companies by putting our efforts into preparation, for a long lasting paint job. This is what we do:

Haul and launch vessel Pressure cleaning

Sanding and preparation

Apply two coats of primer Apply two coats of paint

Paint running gears with anti-fouling paint for metals


Proper and adequate cleaning and waxing on your boat will help preserve and prevent problems before they happen. This service will include compounding and polishing to remove particles of oxidation and then apply a coat of wax. Also, waxing the hull in or out of the water, waxing the bridge as well as in or out of the water.


We have made arrangements with an experienced and professional company to work with us offering this service to our clients. We will get your boat clean and ready to impress all your guests.